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Pickling and Passivation of Stainless Steel and Load Testing, Chemical Cleaning and Descaling, Carbon and Crude Oil Removal

We have 50,000 square meter yard for heavy equipment storage.
Areas can be divided up into blocks as small as 100 meters and can be operated on an ad hoc basis.

Our minimum rental/storage period is one month. 24 hour access is available
subject to prior notice. A small additional charge will be levied for abnormal hours.

Heavy and complex lifts will need to be notified two days in advance to allow us to create a lift plan/risk assessment and method statements
Items that are in storage that need to be loaded out direct to rig/ship
can be inspected or tested, with the relevant documentation produced by our
in house testing and inspection team.

We have the crane capacity to tandem lift up to 170 tonnes, or single lift of 110 tons.

Forklift facility available up 40tons.